3 Ways to Engage the Millennial Agent

01 / Oct / 2014

The youth today live in a world excited-girlmuch different than years past. The expansion of the Internet has become so universal that in order to survive, change is required. Texting, tweeting and posting have replaced ancient forms of communication. Smartphones and tablets have given instant access to even the simplest whim. The world is changing faster and faster, and the youth are up to speed. Due to the instant gratification mindset of the millennial agent, the successful businessman must adapt and create a similar environment that he or she is familiar with in order to create efficiency.

1. Visually compelling scoreboards. The world today is driven by technology so it’s no wonder why millennials in the workplace are drawn to visual results. Things such as dashboards, graphs and graphic icons tend to lure in their interest because the world they live in is all social media. Find a way to keep their interest by using digital aids.

2. They need constant feedback. The Internet world is fast paced and due to their custom of instant gratification, they have become used to getting information right when they need it. If you can give them feedback in the moment, work becomes much more effective.

3. Create friendly competition. Youth loves to compete. Have a reward system, have your floors in teams and compete against one another. This gives them motive to work harder, faster and more efficiently.

Your company must learn to motivate the millennial generation. Find a way to implement these key points and you will see improvement. Here at Focus we created software called ClearView that accomplishes these goals and has thus caused our attrition rates to be lower than industry average among all milliennials. It has compelling dashboards with live in the moment metrics. It shows them how their co-workers are performing. This has been an awesome tool that is available to our clients. However, if you are not our client you still need to find a way to motivate this new generation.

What is your call floor doing to motivate the emerging millennial workforce?