5 Tips to Hit Your Sales Numbers in Q4

With Q4 hanging in the balance, many salespeople begin to feel stressed about the year coming to an end and the uncertainty of hitting their sales numbers. Another difficulty of Q4 is the fact that most potential customers are now starting to focus on getting ready for the upcoming year and aren’t thinking of buying. So, many of us are faced with the daunting task of still hitting our sales numbers in Q4, even though it’s a much different kind of quarter.

Here are 5 tips to help you go about hitting your sales numbers during Q4:

  • 1. Lead Re-Generation

    By the time you’ve hit Q4, it’s too late to start prospecting new leads. You won’t have the time necessary to nurture these leads before year’s end. What we like to do during this time is fill our pipeline with any and all current prospects that we have hanging in the balance. These nurtured leads may have said no to you before, but they should definitely be re-visited during Q4. Doing so greatly increases your chances of finding opportunities in Q4.
  • 2. Up Sell Your Current Customers

    This second tip goes hand in hand with tip number one. Filling your pipeline with old leads can go a far way but by filling your pipeline with your current customers, you are all but guaranteed to find new opportunities. Q4 is the ideal time to sit down with current customers and review the past year. Talk with them about their budget how it is looking going into Q4. There may be significant budget that can be used in your favor. Also, be sure to talk about their goals for the upcoming year, and what they are doing now to prepare to hit those goals.
  • 3. Analyze Your Results From Q1-Q3

    In tip number two we talked about sitting down with the client to analyze their past quarters. This is also a proven tip that you can be putting in practice as well. We like to look back over the year and re-evaluate our successes and our failures. By doing this you will be able to see what you should continue to do as well as what processes need to change. During this analysis you should be able to come up with fun creative new ways to sell. Replace unsuccessful process with new and creative process, and see what kind of results you get.
  • 4. Set Sales Goals

    This tip should go without say, but we have found that many times during Q4, our goals need to be adjusted a little to help us be more productive. After analyzing your situation you should be able to set realistic goals for Q4 that help you towards your yearly goals. The most important step of setting these goals will be to create an action plan. It is essential that you form daily, weekly, and monthly routines based on your goals. These routines become good habits that will increase your sales success.
  • 5. Prioritize Your Opportunities

    Once you have completed the 4 previous tips, it is crucial to prioritize. Make sure you know which opportunities yield the best possibility of sales and go after those first. We all know that sales can take a great amount of time so it’s vital to start selling now. The further you get into Q4 the less likely you are to find solid sales opportunities so you need to be proactive and chase those sales as soon as possible in Q4 four. Don’t waste precious time going after unlikely deals while you ignore those with more potential.

Make Q4 different this year by trying any and all of these tips. We have seen them work for us and we hope they have a positive impact for you as well. Q4 doesn’t have to be a down quarter if you change the way you approach it.