5 Ways Call Center Gamification Keeps Agent Performance High

Gamification is a concept that has long been a way to motivate people on the call center to floor in order to keep them performing and engaged. This is a wonderful thing not only for call center staff, but for the agents as well, as they are able to better understand in a concrete way when they are doing well at their job. This recognition keeps our campaigns running and keeps agents motivated. These are five ways that call center gamification keeps agents engaged and performing better than ever.

  • Agent See Their Improvements
    A very large benefit of gamification is that agents are able to immediately recognize how well they have done. By providing incentivization, agents will know exactly in which weeks they were doing well and which weeks they were doing poorly. This will give a clear indicator of agent performance to management and agents on the floor.
  • A Clear-Cut Goal is Set
    With call center gamification, agents have a pre-set goal that they can attain to receive recognition and other rewards. These goals need to be clear set and offer a clear path of achievement, and then agents will not only be tied to the reward, they will be tied to achieving that goal, as well.
  • Management Can Easily See Progress
    This also gives management a fantastic way to look into agents and their levels of performance. By being able to look at these metrics, management is immediately shown pertinent data to improve performance on the fly.
  • Reduction in Skipped Days
    Agents will also make more of an attempt to be at work ready to work. This is not only done for the sake of the reward, but also the increased comradery they will feel with everyone else. They will be given extra motivation to come to work and have further motivation to be a contributing member of the team.
  • Anything Can Be Gamified
    Truly any aspect can be gamified, from quality to absent days to specific metrics with any dashboard, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to gamifying the process of call center work. Many campaigns may want different metrics gamified, whereas perhaps management may need a certain score brought up on another campaign, these processes can be customized based upon the requirements of the campaign.

These are but a few ways that call center gamification can take your campaign profits and agents performance to another level. Through tools like Focus Services’ own Clearview dashboards, this process becomes easier than ever in terms of customization and ease of use, putting the management of a campaign immediately in control of pertinent metrics. There has never been a better time than now to gamify. Game on!