Focus Services has developed long standing relationships with clients ranging from mid-size business owners to industry-leading companies. We understand the unique nature of your market and offer our clients the added expertise of past experience servicing a variety of industries in our call center.

By leveraging this experience, we are able to create, implement, and manage critical industry-specific business processes for our clients. We help our clients improve their customers’ call center experiences, expand their strategic capabilities, and increase their operating efficiencies.

Our expertise spans across a wide range of industries, including:

  •     Telecommunications
  •     Financial Services
  •     Technology
  •     Saves/Retention/Loyalty Support
  •     Retail
  •     Direct Response
  •     Media and Entertainment
  •     Travel / Hospitality
  •     Government
  •     Multi-Product Direct Sales Support
  •     Customer Services Support
  •     Technical Support