Why Focus

Is your current call center…

Focus’ 9 global facilities are located strategically in cost effective and business friendly environments.  Positioned in such environments, we offer competitve, low cost pricing models to enhance your profits.  Combined with our top quality service and competitive edge, our competitive pricing delivers to our clients unbeatable returns on their investments.
Clients want to know what’s going on with their business. At Focus, we believe that we are an extension of our clients’ business and provide complete operational visibility.  Our transparency is defined by the following:

  • 100% Call Recording
  • Multi-Year Call Recording Storage
  • Third Party Quality Monitoring
  • Online Real-Time Reporting
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Tracking and Trending by Agent, Team, and Project
Handling Call Spikes
Dispersing agents relative to high fluctuating call volumes can be an arduous task. Focus provides its clients with the neccessary flexibility to adapt to high fluctuating call volumes. With many stateside and international facilities consisting of dedicated and shared agents, our shared agents are dispersed proportionately to the spikes in call volume that are beyond the capacity of the dedicated agents to handle.

Assessing Performance
Most large call centers require clients to create their own forms regarding a campaign’s details and progress, and small call centers lack the resources to provide such details. Focus not only has the resources, but also creates detailed forms in response to client requests.

Focus’ success as a company has been driven by our ability to generate revenue through needs based selling and multi-product bundling. At Focus, we understand that world class Customer Service is a byproduct of understanding what customers want and tailoring the service offering to best meet their needs. This results in loyal customers and strong revenue streams. These are precisely the skills needed to excel in highly competitive, complex consumer and B2B markets.

Focus as a Strategic Partner

In today’s fast paced, ever changing marketplace, it is critical for companies to focus on core competencies to be competitive. Focus provides organizations with cost effective, value added call center solutions. By outsourcing non-core, resource intensive call center functions to Focus, companies can better concentrate on their core businesses, while we focus on their call center needs.

Focus’ SBU Model

Focus is organized into Strategic Business Units (SBU). Each SBU has a dedicated SBU Manager with dedicated resources who are in turn dedicated to the success of their customer’s business. The SBU model facilitates strong business partnerships between Focus and its customers. Our customers are closer to their business because we are closer to their business.


Incentive Compensation


Focus drives differential results for its customers through the use of Incentive Compensation. At Focus, we understand the importance of recognizing and rewarding individual brilliance through the use of clearly defined, objective performance metrics. We consider our compensation philosophy to be a key competitive advantage as we seek to align the interests of Focus’ employees with those of our customers.