Agent Attrition Kills Profits!

15 / Oct / 2013

By Jordan Linford

Marcus Cicero, a Roman philosopher and politician once said that “No one can give you better advice than yourself.” When we have the opportunity to look at ourselves in an unbiased and honest way, it becomes much easier to make changes necessary for growth. Taking a daily inventory of our actions and choices allows us as part of society to evaluate who we are, where we are going, and how the choices we have made are affecting our present condition.
Much like looking in a mirror helps us assess our outward appearance, self-reflection allows us to make adjustments to our current bearings and direction in life. The best advice we can receive is from self- reflection and constant vigilance of choices, actions, and productivity.

This concept is why ClearView has created our revolutionary Performance Management Tool. One of the largest dilemmas we face in call center work is agent attrition. Reducing agent attrition is a challenging and frustrating part of what we do. However, with the ClearView Performance Management Tool, agents are given the ability to view their own stats in real time which allows them to address problems quickly and accurately. Just like constant self-reflection allows us to see where we are in our personal lives, the ClearView Performance Management Tool gives them the visibility to see their own trends and to self-police their own performance. This visibility not only leads to increased accountability at an agent level but it also allows executives and management to quickly see real time stats and trends from anywhere there is an internet connection.

By having the ability to know instantly how they are performing, agents are more confident in their abilities and are able to quickly make adjustments to boost productivity. This directly correlates with a drop in attrition rates because agents discover the pride that comes with constant improvement.

Since Focus Services began using the ClearView Performance Management Tool, their attrition rates and Gallup Scores have steadily improved. In the three months following the implementation of ClearView, the average attrition rate dropped by 7%; which lowers the cost of the average new training class by 35%. This drop in attrition rates directly correlates with improved Gallup Scores. In the same three months following implementation, scores rose from an average of 3.91 to 4.1 on a scale of 0.0 to 5.1. In Q1 and Q2 of 2012, the average Gallup Score only reached 4.0 one time. Since the initiation of ClearView in Q3, Focus Services has exceeded 4.0 every month, accomplishing a new company high in Q4 of 2012.

It is obvious that the benefits of constant and immediate monitoring of agent stats are, increased performance and quality, and decreased attrition rates. Just like a daily self-reflection of our inner selves can help guide us in the right direction in our personal lives, the ClearView Performance Management tool will greatly assist companies in the right direction. If what Cicero said is true, that “no one can give you better advice than yourself,” it can be assumed that from immediate reflection we can take effective action in our personal and professional lives.