Agents in Control

Roadblock #5: Detached Agents

A giant roadblock to success can be the attitude of a detached agent. If an agent is not involved, performance level is low. When performance level is low, customers suffer. And when customers suffer, the company deteriorates. So how do you engage your agent? Let them control their realm.

agent management

The average agent comes from an ultra-engaged environment. They live in twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, always receiving instant gratification, instant performance, and instant feedback. They can control what they hear, see, feel and do. If they come into a call center expecting immediate engagement and don’t get it, they often tend to check out. Interest is checked at the door. Give them direct feedback; show them what their efforts are gaining. Give them a reason to work harder. They will learn to push themselves instead of having to be pushed, becoming self motivated. That alone can make all the difference.

If you want an agent to perform to their best ability give them power over their own world. If an agent has no visibility on how to drive the business, why make an effort? If they can be part of the plan, they will have a desire to be part of the success. Let them have visibility. Show them where you want to go. No one will invest their deepest efforts into something that they cannot see. If they can get an idea of where the company is going, they will share the desired goal. If they have a plan, they will work towards the result.

Motivation is a big factor in keeping an agent involved. Human nature is competitive. Most people want to do the best possible in order to receive satisfaction and praise. Change the atmosphere. Make it fun. Create competitions, offer rewards, give them incentive to work a little bit harder everyday. The average person will work twice as hard if he or she will get something out of it and sometimes a paycheck isn’t enough. A fun, upbeat, competitive environment will keep their attention and play into their virtual world. Work with them and they will work with you.

It’s obvious that if an agent is detached, unhappy and performing less than desirable, a company will suffer. These few simple changes can provide the success that has been missing from your company. Every agent controls his or her efforts, and with a little guidance their strengths will be unmatched. Engage the agent, increase performance level, satisfy your customers and live with success.