Benefits of a Strong Call Center Culture

Of all the things one can do to help attrition rates in call center management, managing the culture and atmosphere are among the most important. Through an engaging culture, call center managers are able to show their current workforce that they are valued and that the workspace is a place not only that they earn a paycheck, but where they can engage with a company and the people around them. There are many wide-ranging benefits to having a strong call center culture. For instance, if a good culture is implemented, comradery on the call floor is going to be exponentially higher than a call floor with a weak culture. By implementing a strong culture, agents are able to see and feel that the call center they work for values them as individuals and not merely as assets.

Another benefit of having a strong call center culture is that the agents’ relationship with leadership will improve drastically. If these managers and coaches exemplify the culture in the center, agents will feel more inclined to come to leadership with problems and issues they might have. By identifying problems with individual agents, leadership is more able to correctly improve problems to keep attrition low and agents happy. This is a powerful system that compounds on itself. As agents feel their problems addressed, they support the culture more, and thus do a better job on the phones.

A third very important benefit is that agents will feel tied into the systems of the call center if they trust the culture. This makes it much easier to change agent behaviors that are not working. Where an agent might regress into old behaviors where a culture is weak, they will feel more willing to pick up the slack and change behaviors that aren’t working if they feel that the system is working for them. This can be an effective, little cost solution to be able to implement important procedures and correct campaigns before problems get out of control. An agent will simply want to help leadership and the system when they feel the system understands their individual needs and generational outlook

It is easy to see the benefits of a strong culture in call centers. Not only is it a relatively costless solution to many problems a call center faces, it is also something that can assist in holding on to our most valuable assets, the agents. Through the implementation of a strong culture, agents will feel more engaged and understanding of the call center and its leadership. It will knock down walls to communication and make an agent feel comfortable while they are on the phones. It will increase overall mood, work ethic, and an ability for an agent to talk truthfully with leadership about their problems and concerns. This can lower attrition rates drastically while providing a fun and engaging work environment for agents and leadership alike.