5 Ways Call Center Gamification Keeps Agent Performance High

Dec 14 2017

Gamification is a concept that has long been a way to motivate people on the call center to floor in order to keep them performing and engaged. This is a wonderful thing not only for call center staff, but for the agents as well, as they are able to better understand in a concrete way when they are doing well at their job. This recognition keeps our campaigns running and keeps agents motivated. These are five ways that call center gamification... more

Three Ways You Are Stifling Agent Growth

Dec 14 2017

The job of a call center agent is often a thankless endeavor. This is exacerbated by the constant demands of the customers that call and expect perfect customer service at all times. It can be frustrating when agents don’t meet their metrics or are having a bad day when it comes to their relationship with customers on the phones. There are ways to handle these problems effectively and with minimum down time, and there are ways that can... more

Three Call Center KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Dec 14 2017

The call center space is constantly changing and evolving. In a sphere that is comprised of so many people and levels, it can at times feel overwhelming to measure the metrics of success that make up good or bad work in a call center. Luckily, the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) of call center work are ways that we can gauge and measure success. Not only do these metrics give management a way to understand the goals and adherence... more

Managing a Millennial Workforce

Dec 12 2017

The call center world is ever evolving and changing when it comes to technology, methodology, and of course, the work force. In this blog we will discuss the workforce in more detail, particularly the millennial workforce which dominates the bulk of call center employee numbers. This generation poses more challenges than any of the generations before it. Not only does the work space need to compete with the advancement of technology and an ever... more

Five Training Practices That Increase Agent Efficacy on the Call Floor

Dec 12 2017

It is very important that we have agents that are able to accomplish a wide variety of tasks on the call floor. Depending upon the campaign, it may be critical for an agent to be technically versed in a field, very knowledgeable of an individual product, able to problem solve, and maintain great composure under stress. Not to mention, they need to be able to do all of this while remaining absolutely engaged and connected with a customer. These... more

Building an Effective Call Center Culture

Dec 12 2017

There are many small steps that management can take in order to make employees feel welcome in the work environment. From work events to a comfortable environment, the details are nearly endless of what a director of culture can do to ensure employees are comfortable and engaged in the workplace. A very important step in building an effective call center culture is to understand the workforce. This is done by getting to know not only what... more

Benefits of a Strong Call Center Culture

Dec 12 2017

Of all the things one can do to help attrition rates in call center management, managing the culture and atmosphere are among the most important. Through an engaging culture, call center managers are able to show their current workforce that they are valued and that the workspace is a place not only that they earn a paycheck, but where they can engage with a company and the people around them. There are many wide-ranging benefits to having a... more

5 Ways Cloud-Based Computing Saves Time and Money

Dec 12 2017

A lot of people hear the words “cloud computing” and think the process is more difficult than it actually is to have your data backed up in the cloud. However, many people are opting not only to have cloud-based back up but entire cloud-based systems that they run their centers off of. This can save time, resources, and bring a lot of peace of mind to the entire process of where we save and keep our information. Here are five ways that... more

5 Campaign Ending Errors in Outsourcing

Dec 8 2017

Outsourcing is an integral process in the global economy that can enrich the growth and services of a company greatly. Outsourcing offers so many benefits that companies sometimes find themselves jumping into the process with little to no education. These errors can be potentially fatal to a call center campaign and end up putting the company who is set on outsourcing out when it comes to their product, time and money. In this blog, we will... more

Three Ways You Are Hurting Sales by Not Supporting a Multilingual Call Center Business

Dec 5 2017

In today’s growing global market, it is no wonder that so many different companies are choosing to outsource their customer service needs to provide a bigger global footprint for their product. When a company outsources, they are immediately able to give their product the support and devotion required to be fully realized by people all over the world. Some people choose to keep their products specifically set in the language they originally... more