Managing a Millennial Workforce

Jun 7 2017

The call center world is ever evolving and changing when it comes to technology, methodology, and of course, the work force. In this blog we will discuss the workforce in more detail, particularly the millennial workforce which dominates the bulk of call center employee numbers. This generation poses more challenges than any of the generations before it. Not only does the work space need to compete with the advancement of technology and an ever... more

Combating Employee Attrition in the Modern Call Center Work Environment

May 19 2017

The modern call center campaign is faced with many challenges that can make the prospect of starting a new campaign daunting. One aspect that is especially difficult to deal with, is the sometimes uncontrollable aspect of employee attrition. Employee attrition is defined as losing staff unexpectedly and having to replace that staff to resume normal productivity for that campaign. Attrition is one of those aspects... more

5 ways to save $276,000 in Call Center Costs

Jul 25 2016

47897027 - money bag.

In golf, the slightest degree of change can mean huge differences between the outcomes. Professionals make painstaking efforts to consider the slightest changes when it comes to fine tuning their game. For the rest of us casual players, we hit a general acceptable level of play and don’t progress much beyond that, we just don’t have the time or knowledge to do it.


Best Practices for Agent Training

Feb 22 2016

In this weeks blog post we will discuss best practices in agent training. There are many theories and beliefs on how to best train contact center agents. Continue reading to learn just a few of the better techniques.

The first tip to improve your training process should go without say but we will briefly mention it anyways. If you feel that your training processes are perfect or that there isn’t much room for... more

Why Training Should be Called Culture Building

Feb 15 2016

Training is obviously the most important step for any newly hired employee. Training can set the whole stage for how productive and efficient an employee will be from day one. Company culture is established through actions and it is important for a new employee to see a positive example of company culture on day one. Many times we believe the initial formal training is where the majority of training takes place... more

What Metrics do Executives Care About?

Feb 8 2016

When communicating with upper management and executives, it is important to understand that they interpret metrics in a different light. Be very careful of which metrics you choose to present to your high level executives. Figure out what issues your executives care about most and base your KPIs around those issues. Don’t always focus on metrics, but more on what those metrics actually mean and how they affect... more

What Does Outstanding Customer Service Mean?

Feb 1 2016

Many companies have a different understanding of what customer service means. It is important to know what it means to your company and what you are doing to achieve outstanding customer service. Customer service means something different to a restaurant than it does to a tech company. Creating your own definition of outstanding customer service is important. All companies need to understand what their customers... more

How to Win Millennials Through Customer Experience

Jan 25 2016

When trying to win millennials in today’s marketplace it is important to know who they are and what they want. It is more important to create a customer experience that satisfies their wants, than it is to satisfy their basic needs. In this post we will discuss a couple strategies to win millennials as customers.

DIY Customer Experience

Millennials will always avoid making a phone call if possible. They... more

When Focus Groups Should (and shouldn’t) be Used to Improve Customer Experience

Jan 18 2016

Are focus groups really that helpful? This is a question that has been asked by many with few answers. The ultimate goal with focus groups is to improve upon your processes while also improving the customer’s experience. In this post we will analyze when focus groups are useful and when they are not.

Effective Focus Group Situations.

One... more

When Does Outsourcing Affect Customer Service?

Jan 11 2016

Often times when companies are making the decision to outsource, they are only looking at how it can decrease their costs. It is important to consider what level of customer service you are likely to achieve through outsourcing. In my opinion, this is more important than what the costs will be. In some situations it could be worth spending more money to ensure that a third party outsourcer helps provide greater... more