When Is The Right Time To Outsource?

Oct 14 2015

Many companies are faced with the daunting task of trying to figure out whether or not outsourcing is the answer for their particular situation. The truth of the matter is this, in order to discover when it’s the right time to outsource; one must first ask these questions.

In regards to the first question, it isvery important to prioritize which tasks can be considered... more

3 Reasons to Outsource Your Back Office Process

Oct 7 2015

With the end of the year coming faster than ever, it is very important to start evaluating your current processes to discover where improvements can be made. For many it is very difficult to see the value in outsourcing back office processes. It is sometimes difficult to justify this kind of outsourcing. There are many important factors to consider when making the decision to outsource. So with the question of “Why should I outsource my back... more

5 Tips to Hit Your Sales Numbers in Q4

Sep 21 2015

With Q4 hanging in the balance, many salespeople begin to feel stressed about the year coming to an end and the uncertainty of hitting their sales numbers. Another difficulty of Q4 is the fact that most potential customers are now starting to focus on getting ready for the upcoming year and aren’t thinking of buying. So, many of us are faced with the daunting task of still hitting our sales numbers in Q4, even though it’s a much different... more

Fame, Fortune and Human Competition

Jun 30 2015

How can you better involve your employees? Easy solution; gamify your business. We all know that answer. But how can you gamify your company efficiently? The answer is Clearview. Clearview has multiple ways to track progress and increase incentive. It’s everything you need to get your company going.

A big way to get people involved is through fame and recognition. With... more

Fix it Before it Starts

Jun 23 2015

How much time do we lose each day by trying to fix detrimental issues that have occurred because of misinformation or lack of knowledge? What if there was a way to fix a mistake before it’s happened? That’s what Clearview can offer.

Clearview software combines multiple data sources in order to provide minute-by-minute visibility on the progress of each employee. With access... more

Measuring Success: Call Center Metrics

Jun 11 2015

There are many things that can be measured to track the success of a call center, but some things are more valuable than others. Here is a list of important call center metrics that you should evaluate in your company to improve not only efficiency, but also quality and outcomes.Measuring quality scores will allow you to be able to track your agents’ progress and sample their work. They provide a look at the overall satisfaction of the... more

Is Outsourcing Dead?

Mar 18 2015

Outsourcing has changed the business world drastically. How would you like to sit in an office in Tucson and have the ability to see everything your employees are doing? And have access to the information in real time? Then you don’t need a thousand seats in Tucson; you can spread them to Salt Lake, Tallahassee and Seattle. Your business can expand worldwide if you want. You are in control.


Cease to Overwork. Why do we gamify?

Mar 2 2015

What is gamification? Why is it so important? Gamification is not just the adding of digital games and offering prizes into a business, it’s adding what makes social media and video games entertaining into non-game programs and experiences in order to improve engagement and involvement. When the environment is entertaining, people long to participate.

The Affects of Attrition on Organizations

Feb 24 2015

A few years ago my buddies put together a softball team. Once a week we get together and pretend we are still athletic and try to relive any glory years that we may have had in the past. As the season approached there were a few folks who could not make it due to other commitments. Who would sacrifice softball with their buddies for things like family, civic and community duties? Well some of my buddies did,... more

23 Ways to Gamify your Company

Feb 19 2015

Gamification is the new way to improve your business.   It is the new way of thinking. It helps engage employees and teach them new skills and information while entertaining them and measuring their progress. In the fast pace world of today, a business cannot afford to go without it. Here are 23 ideas to help you gamify your business. An important aspect of gamification is knowing who you are targeting and why. Who is your... more