Motivating Agents Through Competition

Mar 5 2013

05 / Mar / 2013

By Jordan Linford

The one consistent element that is present on every call room floor is competition. Whether you like it or not, it is there in some form. It is those call room floors that learn how to harness the competitive spirit that get the best out of their agents. Competition is one of the best producers of success.... more

Managing Millennials in 2013

Feb 22 2013

22 / Feb / 2013

By Jordan Linford

Anyone who runs a call center is probably managing several millennials falling in the 18 to 25-year-old range. At Focus Services, over 70% of our call floors are dominated with millennials. Call floors already face the challenge of a high turnover ratios, but as the... more

Top 5 Reasons Companies Choose Outsourcing

Dec 17 2012

17 / Dec / 2012

By Jordan Linford

Lower costs You might have assumed this was the leading reason and you would have been right. Cost decrease is ultimately the number one factor in the decision for companies to outsource. A vast majority of companies currently outsourcing states that decreasing expenses is their principle goal. According... more

What Is Edge Rank and How Does It Affect Your Brand?

Nov 8 2012

08 / Nov / 2012

By Jordan Linford

Facebook is a part of life, that is just something we have to accept whether we like it or not. You can hardly turn on a the TV, read a magazine, or visit a website without seeing a business asking for you to like their page. Maybe you have asked yourself why they care so much? Should I be caring more about... more

East vs. West Management Styles: Why Knowing Will Help You Succeed.

Sep 14 2012

14 / Sept / 2012

by Robin Villariza

Is there a difference in orientations of eastern and western managers? Results show Asian managers are more collectivist and western managers are more individualistic. Asian managers are also more likely to use external factors to explain performance and behavior where western managers are more likely... more

Is Outsourcing Good for Your Company?

Sep 13 2012

13 / Sept / 2012

by Robin Villariza

Most companies find global outsourcing as beneficial to the international market. Global outsourcing assists in the creation of newer international markets, global citizenship, and the recognition of global talent and in a wider scope, helps in the economic development of all participating... more

Are You Losing Business to Poor Training and Development?

Sep 12 2012

12 / Sept / 2012

by Robin Villariza

In the past, management did not understand that there is a connection between human potential and a company's profit. In a call center it is essential to increase the effectiveness of the selection, recruitment, training and development processes by providing a new business paradigm and tools that increase... more

Meeting our Customer Expectations

Sep 10 2012

10 / Sep / 2012

By Robin Villariza

Finding out your customer expectations is not that hard. Customer expectations are high and they expect you to meet them. Your customers are calling your call center because they need help to purchase a product, to resolve an account issue, maintain a product or ask a number of questions that they believe... more

Important Call Center Metrics and KPI’s

Sep 9 2012

09 / Sep / 2012

By Robin Villariza

The first steps in choosing a call center required you to understand what type of center you need. Once you’ve figured that much out, you can start looking around for specific companies who can deliver what you want. But how do you compare them to determine the best fit? Price is of course important. It... more