Building an Effective Call Center Culture

There are many small steps that management can take in order to make employees feel welcome in the work environment. From work events to a comfortable environment, the details are nearly endless of what a director of culture can do to ensure employees are comfortable and engaged in the workplace.

A very important step in building an effective call center culture is to understand the workforce. This is done by getting to know not only what the employees enjoy, but also realizing what it is that isn’t working for them in the work environment. Through empathetic listening and understanding, management is more easily able to find out what motivates their employees. This can only benefit management, as they can find out how to make the workplace enjoyable, learn how to properly incentivize for good work completed, and also learn about what makes that particular workforce grow. Every workforce is different and by remaining engaged honestly with that workforce, it begins to become clear not only want is working, but what isn’t. Complaints are not treated as an annoyance by management, but as a way to commit to the workforce and build trust. This begins to reveal down the line what it is that keeps people motivated and doing good work.

Events are another great way to connect with employees outside of work hours. Not only do events such as dinners, picnics, sports-related activities, and getaways help to build team morale, they also give employees a way to engage with management outside of a work environment. This builds into the points mentioned above. Employees will be more likely to open up in a more lax environment than in the workplace. They will feel more relaxed and able to communicate what is and isn’t working by their perspective in the work environment. It is important that management attends these events to not only show a more human side with their employees but to also listen to how their experience is going in the workplace. An astute group of leaders would use this time to get to know the more human side of their workers and also find out what motivates them as mentioned above. These events can range from simple events such as a weekly pizza event or a larger family event where management can meet the family and friends of their employees. This shows fantastic engagement from management, as well as makes the employee feel more appreciated for their hard work.

There is no end to the number of events, large or small, that a director of culture can prepare to make employees feel understood in their work environment. By utilizing a process of open communication and understanding, management can better tailor their culture to the particular needs of their workforce, thus increasing productivity. The good news about these events is that they cost relatively little for the benefits that they provide. Not to mention, management may even have some fun in the process of building and engaging with their own unique workplace culture.