Case Study #1: Gamification

Founded in 1995, Focus Services has worked year after year building a high performing company with long-term client relationship. Developing relationships with clients requires a well-trained, effective work force with constant desire to improve.

There are many different aspects that hinder a company’s success, but one of the main deterrents is attrition. Attrition, by definition, is “the action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure.” We are in the business of people. Ultimately, everything we do is designed to improve the customers’ experience. When qualified, trained employees leave, voluntarily, companies are damages. The direct cost of attrition includes the cost to recruit, screen, hire and train a new employee. But the hidden costs may be even higher. The cost of poor performance, damaged moral, and the overall lack of employee engagement can be crushing to a company. Therefore, if one can reduce the attrition rate, performance will improve resulting in better customer satisfaction and client loyalty.

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