Cease to Overwork. Why do we gamify?

What is gamification? Why is it so important? Gamification is not just the adding of digital games and offering prizes into a business, it’s adding what makes social media and video games entertaining into non-game programs and experiences in order to improve engagement and involvement. When the environment is entertaining, people long to participate.


Gamifying your company can do many things for you. For example, why is World of Warcraft so popular? What is so entertaining about Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? Instant gratification. Visual aspects. Competition. These programs have been appealing to the human mind for the sole-purpose of capturing their attention. People become involved, sucked in and dedicated to the cause, whatever it may be. If you can incorporate similar aspects into your company’s workday, the environment will begin to change.


Our world today is almost 100% digital. People are accustomed to instant gratification, rewards and feedback. When companies use gamification to appeal to the interest of the employees, the employees become engaged in the company. Create a fun environment. Allow competition. Give the employees a reason to work harder and they will. Capture the attention of the employee and the employee will be dedicated to the success of his company.

Gamification is the solution. Are computer programs dull and lacking? Add visual design, build in originality, integrate social features. Is the call floor boring and tedious, full of agents who don’t care? Create competitions, offer rewards, give instant feedback. The environment will change; people will have a desire to come to work everyday in order to see what’s next. Gamification sparks interest, and where there is interest, there is dedication.

So why gamify your company? In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, it’s the only way to stay ahead of the curve. By adding an entertaining environment, instant feedback and visual programs, employees will begin to truly enjoy their job. They will see purpose in what they’re doing. It ceases to be work and starts to be enjoyable. And as they say, if you like your job, you’ll never work another day in your life, in a good way of course. Gamify your company and gain the devotion and commitment of your employees. Help them enjoy their jobs.