ClearView™ – The Revolutionary Business Solution!

12 / Apr / 2013

By Jordan Linford

ClearView™ is the revolutionary business solution that brings new levels of visibility and accountability to all levels of your organization. By allowing you to see the weaknesses and strengths of each individual agent, ClearView™enhances communication with employees, increases productivity, streamlines the work process, increases customer service and loyalty, and drives performance to new levels! ClearView™ offers supervisor a host of features that will make their life easier. These are just a few:

Performance Summary– This field breaks down the performance of each team on a call floor over a period of time. This customizable field lets you look at up to 13 different metrics at once, which are updated in real time. ClearView™ can also automatically highlight each box in the metrics field, allowing the user to see in an instant if a team is on goal or not. Any team fields can also be broken down into the agent level by simply clicking the metric. This field’s versatility allows a supervisor to be informed in a matter of 30 seconds, or to deep dive into performance metrics if they have more time.

Historical Metrics– This field shows a team or floor’s numbers over historical date ranges. It not only shows where performance was, but also graphs that performance against actual floor goals. This gives each supervisor a complete overview of their team or floor’s performance at just a moment’s glance.

Rankings– This field tells a supervisor where each agent ranks against the other agents on their team or floor. The Rankings field can be applied to any metric, which allows a supervisor to concentrate on driving performance and competition in areas that need them the most.

Gauges– The visual images in the Gauge field allow a supervisor to instantly see if their team or floor is hitting key goals.