Do Your Agents Know the Score?

04 / Apr / 2013

By Jordan Linford


Anyone who has ever managed in a call center knows that one of the most important tasks on the call floor is to motivate phone agents to perform well. This may sound easy on paper, but the reality is that motivating agents is a difficult and ever constant job that if left unchecked can spread apathy like a plague. Many call centers drive performance by creating a feeling of competition on the floor. Placing emphasis on specific metrics is a great way to get agents excited about competition, which in turn drives performance.

Just like any other competition, those competing must be able to see the score or else they will lose interest. Can you imagine playing or watching a sporting event where no score was kept? When this is the case in a call center the competition dies out. You may have a coach or some other floor manager try to track the competition, but it is just not possible for anyone with responsibilities on the floor to track real-time metrics for a team or floor without devoting all of their time to it. Even if you do decide to dedicate someone to tracking the data, they can’t give it to every agent in real-time and the competitive feeling on the floor is slowed and eventually lost.

This is why Focus Services uses ClearView to provide their floors with real-time performance data and rankings. ClearView provides real-time data for virtually any metric that can be tracked and then stack ranks the floor by team and agent, allowing everyone to know where they rank at any time. The difference that this new level of vision has made in driving competition and performance on Focus Services floors is substantial. Focus Services managers are able to use the real-time data to drive competition and performance like never before and the agents are able to self-police, or to see and manage their own trends right away. ClearView has allowed everyone at Focus Services to know the current “score” of the game, which means that the game plan is always up to date.