Fame, Fortune and Human Competition

clearviewHow can you better involve your employees? Easy solution; gamify your business. We all know that answer. But how can you gamify your company efficiently? The answer is Clearview. Clearview has multiple ways to track progress and increase incentive. It’s everything you need to get your company going.

A big way to get people involved is through fame and recognition. With Clearview, progress is displayed for all to see. Employees can see who is doing the best and who needs to work a little bit harder. It displays accomplishments, badges, wins and losses. When an employee reaches certain goals or improves substantially, their accomplishment is displayed. Inversely, those who are not being recognized have incentive to get their fame. It works with the natural human aspirations.

handshakeHumans also like prizes. Everyone likes winning and Clearview allows for an opportunity to win prizes of your choice. Other companies provide raffles for one prize, such as camping gear, which narrows the audience. One prize does not appeal to everyone, which causes employees who don’t relate to work less effectively and purposely not earn the prize. With the Clearview point system different prizes are awarded for different points. Anywhere from an extra 15 minutes with the call floor director to iphones, cash prizes, camping gear and more. It increases the likelihood of an employee finding an incentive to improve. Points are a rare form of currency that can’t be replaced.


Along with fame and prizes, human nature craves competition. The idea of outperforming others provides a sense of satisfaction that is rarely matched. Clearview provides a way to create a competitive environment and increase efficiency. Along with displaying progress, clearview also allows for a chat room among employees to create competitions and place wagers. With the point system above, employees can wager their points in competitions to earn prizes. Winner takes all. Not only does it allow the chance of competition, it saves the company money by using points already earned.

Clearview is the obvious choice to improve your company and employee efficiency. It plays to the hungers of human nature. Fame, winnings and competition will help to save time, improve productivity and get employees involved. With Clearview you cannot lose.