Fix it Before it Starts

How much time do we lose each day by trying to fix detrimental issues that have occurred because of misinformation or lack of knowledge? What if there was a way to fix a mistake before it’s happened? That’s what Clearview can offer.

Clearview software combines multiple data sources in order to provide minute-by-minute visibility on the progress of each employee. With access to QA, customer service, surveys, a time clock, data and more all in one website, time is saved and full-access is at your fingertips. Instead of taking countless hours to collect data from each source, for each employee over each day, it provides reports about 15 minutes behind real time verses weeks behind.


Clearview allows for complete visibility. Employees are able to track their own progress. They can see their strengths and weaknesses, what needs more focus and what they’re excelling in. They’re able to chart their progress and see what they need to fix before it even happens. Ultimately it’s the ability to see if you’re going to be yelled at and fix it before it happens, self-policing, if you will. Because of this, employees receive more self-satisfaction, more pride in their work. They’re not always getting into trouble nor are they waiting to be reprimanded, and their performance will improve with the knowledge that they are self-sufficient.

Visibility with Cleariew doesn’t stop at the agents; it’s available to all management and CEOs so that each is able to track their own employees. They can see the progress overall as well as individually and without the need to consolidate data, preserving precious time and resources.

Overall Clearview is a clear solution to any consolidation issue. Don’t waste time searching for data and pouring over various sites in order to get simple answers. Just as it’s name states, Clearview offers the straightforward visibility that a company needs in order to track its progress and avoid harmful problems that can paralyze success. Clearview is the best option and the only way to go.