How Enjoying the View can Hurt You

Roadblock #4: Reactive Management.

Is your mateammanagementnagement proactive or reactive? When an unanticipated twist comes your way, are you ready for it? Or will it catch you off guard? Where are you looking? Many companies don’t have a plan, they aren’t looking ahead and consequently they find themselves behind when the world takes a turn. In contrast, the proactive companies have been prepared. They are looking ahead with a plan, anticipating what direction the turn might go and they are ahead of the curve.

While hiking Mount Everest, you cannot spend your time looking at the view behind you. You must be looking at what lies ahead, preparing yourself for any twist turn, bump or drop that may be in the path. In order to arrive at the desired destination you cannot be stuck in the past or even the present. You have to be focusing on the future, what lies before you. If you aren’t looking ahead, you are likely to miss the turn that may be vital to you and your company’s survival. Anticipation can prepare a company. Adding a plan can save it.

Just like the hike to mount Everest, the business world is full of unanticipated twists and turns, unforeseen bumps and dangerous cliffs. If you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to miss the turn, trip on the bump or fall off the cliff and once that happens, it’s hard to make a comeback. Painful backtracking is the only option. Backtracking is risky, time-consuming and wastes valuable resources. By the time you’ve gotten back to the path, the rest of the world will have already left you in the dust.

The solution is simple. Take action. Although knowledge of the past is essential to the survival of a company for future events, don’t get stuck on it. Learn from the past and use actionable analytics to provide a plan. Be prepared to catch the wave. Look forward and prepare your company for what is ahead. Don’t spend so much time looking back that you forget what is coming. Take action. Don’t be trapped in a reactive cycle.

It’s obvious that one cannot foresee all future events. Unsuspected twists and turns occur everyday in the business world, but one can be prepared. Actionable analytics are the solution. Set aside a plan for any type of emergency that could possibly happen and be prepared to act when it does. If a turn in the road is anticipated, you won’t be caught off guard by the change and you will be prepared. Don’t get stuck because you’re dwelling on the view, focus on the path ahead.