How To Get More Clients for Your Call Center.

22 / Jan / 2014

By Jordan Linford

The third party call center business is dog eat dog. There are several players, rising above the noise is very difficult. Believe me I know, having been on the marketing side of third party call centers for several years I have had to address these challenges head on.  As I have advanced in my career I learned what it takes to rise above that noise. There is a distinct and definite difference between the call centers that apply sound marketing strategies and the ones that don’t.

Push value, not Price.
This is a simple marketing strategy that has been used time and time again. Now how do you apply it to your call floor? I see countless posts on Linkedin offering their services and shouting about the details of the campaign and cost among the crowd. They immediately become white noise. The chances of obtaining your next client by posting about your call center in every single group on Linked in are slim to none. Your chances with cold calls and cold messaging are not much better. You can start building warm leads by promoting your value proposition. I see hundreds of call floor marketing attempts each day, but rarely do I see a value proposition.

What makes your call floor stand out? You don’t want your answer to be price, because there is always someone willing to beat you on price. Not to mention good call centers that champion your brand are not on the cheap end, but these are also the ones that boost your bottom line and justify the cost.

What is the value proposition of your call floor? What makes you stand out? If you don’t know, then you need to find out quickly, otherwise you are just going to be another rat in the race trying to be heard above all the noise.

Your value can come from both inside and outside your call floor. There is software out there that can set you apart from everyone else. This is why Focus Services is in high demand in the BPO industry, we created ClearView, it is one of our value propositions. This is a tool we use to give insight on every level of the company both in-house and to our clients. The businesses that hire Focus Services to handle their call center needs have unparalleled insight into their campaigns. The control is in their hands and they love it.

Don’t Sell, Story tell!
Yep, it sounds a little corny and cliché, but it is tried and true! Forget about the details of what you have to offer. Details will be lost in the mix of all the others offering the same thing. The details can be worked out later; the thing that will help turn cold contacts to warm ones is telling a compelling story. What is your story? Have you been a part of the growth of a business that has used your call floor? Do you have a customer that loves you enough to do a written or better yet a video testimonial? What is your story? Be creative, there is a story there somewhere. Studies show that stories stick with consumers far longer than details and data does.

Focus Services for Instance has the story of their SAAS, ClearView. The story behind why it was invented and how it has become its own business has been a great story for us. It’s compelling and has provided us with great marketing material. We can share the stories of how our customers have been able to make game changing decisions based on the insight ClearView has given them.

Find your value proposition and frame it in a story. If you do this you will be on your way to establishing a killer marketing strategy.