How to Win Millennials Through Customer Experience

When trying to win millennials in today’s marketplace it is important to know who they are and what they want. It is more important to create a customer experience that satisfies their wants, than it is to satisfy their basic needs. In this post we will discuss a couple strategies to win millennials as customers.

DIY Customer Experience


Millennials will always avoid making a phone call if possible. They want to be able to handle their customer service on their own. Millennials expect a seamless do it yourself process, especially when dealing with online companies. They just expect their transactions to work out without running into problems or having to talk to another human, especially on the phone. They want to be able to track orders, make payments, and handle their accounts completely on their own. Remember that when targeting millennials for your company.

Mobile Capability


Another important feature when dealing with the millennial customer experience is mobile capability. Millennials want to be able to hand all of their accounts with their mobile devices. In today’s marketplace if you don’t have complete mobile capability, you will not reach millennials. Mobile access is a big piece to the puzzle of the millennial DIY experience.

All Industries Must Accommodate Millennials


Millennials are quickly becoming decision makers for large companies and organizations. For those dealing with B2B and SaaS customer experiences it is still very important to create a customer experience that millennials will accept and enjoy. One of the biggest changes in any industry might be the fact that millennials are taking over and they want the customer experience to happen their way. Never make the mistake of believing that millennials aren’t a big part of your customer experience.