Missing the Problem

Roadblock #1: Disparate Data

What is the problem with disparate data? Imagine this. You feel a sharp pain in your arm and you go to the hospital, but the only thing the doctor can tell you is that your arm is broken. He cannot say where, what you need, how to fix it nor if there’s any other problems. Obviously you can’t make it better until you have access to all the information. That’s what happens with disparate data. It’s like trying to see the world through one window. How can you see the global view if you’re only looking through one window? You need more.

statistics guyWhen your data is disconnected, you’re only receiving access to a smidgeon of the facts. The whole picture is hidden from view. For example, you may see that your employees are breaking records in in average handle time and be lead to think that’s the norm in all aspects. What you may not see is that their quality is terrible so the great average handle time becomes highly discredited. When things like this happen, essential information is missed and problems begin.

Lack of consolidated data leads to many other problems. Just like ignoring a broken arm can cause severe long-term defects, disparate data can ruin a company if left untreated. Minor issues, if unnoticed can turn into major ones. Countless hours spent attempting to collect information can lead to delays in decision-making, holes in essential information and real ideas of the where the company stands in relation to success.

Short-term solutions can be just as detrimental. Let’s say we hire someone to consolidate it for us. Their job is to collect the data, rearrange it, consolidate it and then put it in a readable format. Sounds foolproof. But what happens if he or she is sick that day? Or out of town? Your data becomes disconnected, holes are created and the information is delayed, causing all sorts of issues to the company. 100% constant access to all information is essential. Aggregate your data. See exactly what your agents are doing: their overall performance, where they need to improve and how they are excelling. Don’t miss a beat. Find the correlation.

Don’t waste hours trying to decipher disparate data. Don’t miss critical information. One missed fact can cause countless hours of backpedaling in order to preserve your company. Get access to all the information instantly. See the big picture, open the door to the good, the bad and the ugly and find instant solutions. The goings-on of the company are too important to neglect.