May 14 2018

Project: CTL Location: Dubuque, IA Pay: Varies Depending on Experience Hours: Duties and Responsibilities • Maintains a high level of efficiency and production throughout the personnel of the site • Ensures all agents on team are in process • Continually instruct and assists agents to help achieve team sales and quality goals • Counseling team members on performance and behavioral issues • Keeps updated on all current... more

Battling Employee Turnover: A Case Study on Attrition

Dec 15 2014

Introduction Page

Battling Employee Turnover: A Case Study on Attrition

Perhaps one of the biggest drains on any call center budget is the agent attrition rate. It is a problem that has plagued the industry for decades. Often the executive team will try to address this issue in vain, trying to improve areas that have little or no bearing on agent attrition. With so many failed attempts at solving attrition, the... more


Nov 25 2014

Introduction Page A Company Run By Employees Founded in 1995, Focus Services has worked year after year building a high performing company with long-term client relationship. Developing relationships with clients requires a well-trained, effective work force with constant desire to improve. There are many different aspects that hinder a company’s success, but one of the main deterrents is attrition. Attrition, by definition, is “the... more

The Formula to Change Agent’s Behavior.

Jan 29 2014

29 / Jan / 2014 By Jordan Linford We can look at metrics until we are blue in the face. We can use every measurement tool out there to get in-depth insight, but if it isn't driving change in the behavior our agents then it is all for naught. It is just expensive data! So you may be asking, how do you change agent's behavior and what does ClearView know about it? We know because we have done it! ClearView was created on the call room floor... more

3 Strategies for Turning an Angry Customer into a Happy One.

Jan 28 2014

28 / Jan / 2014 By Cheyserr de la Cruz When looking at an artistic and creative tree drawing on paper, have you ever thought of how ironic it is that a tree can be drawn on the very thing from which the paper itself is constructed? Doesn't it seem more logical to minimize the use of paper so more trees can be produced in real life rather than on paper? That same tree saving concept applies to customer service. Customer service... more

Laid Back vs. Structured Which is Better for Your Agents?

Mar 25 2013

25 / Mar / 2013 By Jordan Linford I recently spoke with my younger brother, who is a full-time college student that just got a new job in a call center. I knew he had worked in the call center environment before and was a very good phone agent. As we began to talk further he told me about the differences between the two centers. The first center employed a management style that was very laid back. He was allowed to come in whenever he... more

The Best Call Center Software You Aren’t Using

Jan 7 2013

07 / Jan / 2013 By Robin Villariza ClearView will change the way the industry views customer relationship management. Below is a demo of ClearView, see for yourself how you can realize the untapped potential of your customer support. ClearView following features: Customizable Data Views Color Coded Objectives Sortable Tables Front-line Rep Data Viewing Multiple Filtering Options Historical and Real-Time... more