Off-the-wall Decisions

Roadblock #2: Delayed Access

Have you ever made a decision with incomplete information and then realized later, perhaps when you received the whole picture, that your decision was completely off the wall? It happens everyday. When making an important decision it’s critical to have all the applicable information obtainable. If there are holes in the data, errors are inevitably made. If the data is old, the decision is overdue and the curve is missed.

booksHaving access to all the information the moment it happens is an invaluable commodity. If information is delayed, the best decision is unknown. When you know all the angles, there are no questions and no uncertainties; only straightforward facts that can provide a heads up on what is to come. Be prepared, update your software and get access to all the information before you make the decision.

Be ahead of the wave instead of backtracking. When information is missed, absent or late, valuable trends are overlooked. Things are not tracked in real-time and before you know it, the race is ahead and you are behind. We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing world. Too many times a company’s lack of information causes vital mistakes that take insane amounts of time and resources to backtrack and make right. Save the time and the money, make the decision before it happens.

With all the information in real-time, problems are avoided entirely with no need to correct the damage. Delayed access can blind a company. If a problem can be foreseen, it will be solved made right before it evens phases the company, thereby preserving countless hours and resources that would otherwise be used correcting what was unknown. Find solutions to problems before they cause damage. Don’t let delayed access hurt what can be avoided.

Delayed access is a roadblock to success. Is your company receiving all the information in real-time? Make the necessary changes to be ahead of the curve and don’t miss out on the important decisions. Know your company, eliminate the holes and beat the delay. Don’t make any off-the-wall decisions due to lack of information. Enjoy success.