Piecing Together the Puzzle

Roadblock #3: Limited Visibility

When piecing together a puzzle, it’s necessary to have all the right parts, or the puzzle won’t actually work. Along with that, if multiple people are piecing it together, hours of work can be shortened significantly because each person has an idea of the big picture and can make a solid effort to do his or her part. It’s the same in a company. If the visibility is limited to a few people working separately towards a vague goal, the company will not succeed as well as is desired.piecingthepuzle

There are 3 sets of people in a call center, executives, managers and agents. In most businesses, the executives are the only ones with access to the big picture. It’s reasonable, but the executives only tend to make up 10% of a company. The managers are then working with an incomplete view and cannot progress at the preferred rate. Even worse off are the agents. They are required to make a certain percentage of improvement but how can they improve if they don’t know where they’re at, nor where they are going? Whether an employee needs to improve by 5% or 50% will affect the work ethic substantially.

So how it be changed? Just like the puzzle, those who have the most information make the biggest impact on performance. The challenge of visibility is that there aren’t a lot of systems out there that give visibility down to the individual agent. The solution is simple, enterprise visibility. Inform the employees on the plan. Give them the necessary information. Show them their part and they will know what to do with it. Give them a plan and they will fulfill it and success will be imminent.

If only a small percentage can see where the company is going you can’t get a full effort from everyone involved. You can’t make a plan with someone if they aren’t filled in on the limitations. You’d never try to make a financial decision with someone who has no clue of his or her financial standpoint. Likewise, you can’t make a solid plan with people who are uninformed, and you can’t reach a significant goal without a solid plan. The final product cannot be seen nor appreciated without all the pieces in place.

Limited visibility is a major roadblock that can be easily overcome. Show employees the big picture. Enterprise visibility. Give them a plan. Let them help piece together the puzzle. Deliver the details in a format that drives enterprise-wide visibility and watch as your success rates soar.