benefits FOCUS on Benefits
At FOCUS, our passion is finding solutions—for our clients and for their customers. We are dedicated to finding the best solutions for our clients’ most complex and difficult contact center requirements.
focusonadvantages FOCUS on Advantages
We are passionate about helping our clients succeed and offer a full range of contact center options to meet our clients’ specific customer service needs.
focusonculture FOCUS on Culture
At FOCUS, we have built a culture energized by the values of excellent service, personal growth, spirited competitiveness, and community service. These values are expressed in the way we serve our clients and their customers, how we invest in and develop our workforce, how we respect the investment of our shareholders, and how we serve in the communities in which we work.
focusonpoints FOCUS on Points
FOCUS provides exceptional service to its clients by utilizing UCN’s reliable telecommunications support and cutting edge inContact® System.
focusonqa FOCUS on Quality Assurance
At FOCUS, we work continually to ensure that our clients receive the best service in the industry. We evaluate our performance on a constant basis to make sure that we are meeting clients’ expectations (and exceeding them, if we can) and finding ways to improve.
focusonrec FOCUS on Recruiting, Loyalty, & Retention
FOCUS works to attract applicants and retain employees with the skills to meet the particular needs of each of our clients. Our recruiters, each of whom is assigned to fill the staffing requirement of a particular SBU, know just what to look for based on the kind of services our clients’ require.
focussbu FOCUS on Strategic Business Units
FOCUS’ contact centers are organized into Strategic Business Units (SBU), each of which partners with a client to provide quality service to its customers. Staffed with a manager, professional solutions providers, coaches, and quality support staff, the SBU is strategically designed to ensure the success of its partner-client.
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focussnap FOCUS Snapshot
We have built our business on a simple philosophy: “If we can sell based on customer needs, we will always have work to do.” Our commitment to this philosophy has been the primary driver of our success in the contact center outsourcing industry.
focustraining FOCUS on Training & Employee Development
FOCUS’ strategy for employee development is to help employees discover what they are passionate about and then help them set goals to achieve their passion.
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focusonverticalmark FOCUS on Vertical Markets
Our experience in diverse markets allows us to offer a wide range of options to our clients and to design a portfolio of services that meets each client’s needs.