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Case Study #1: Gamification

Oct 15 2015

Founded in 1995, Focus Services has worked year after year building a high performing company with long-term client relationship. Developing relationships with clients requires a well-trained, effective work force with constant desire to improve.

There are many different aspects that hinder a company’s success, but one of the main deterrents is attrition. Attrition, by... more

Case Study #2: Battling Employee Turnover

Oct 15 2015


Perhaps one of the biggest drains on any call center budget is the agent attrition rate. It is a problem that has plagued the industry for decades. Often the executive team will try to address this issue in vain, trying to improve areas that have little or no bearing on agent attrition. With so many failed attempts at solving attrition, the problem persists. Often high attrition rates begat more... more