Roadblocks to Performance Management

What Hidden Roadblocks are Preventing Your Success?

Everyday we go to work with the objective of helping our company improve. Each day is shaped by the goal of success. As we know, high performance of employees is what makes this goal a reality. If there is low performance, improvement is scarce. Listed below are five roadblocks that impede the road to success by hindering high performance.


The First roadblock is disparate data or data that is low quality, defective, irrelevant, missing or disconnected. Because the information is disparate, important decisions are made without having access to the big picture. Which causes the second roadblock.

Missing the Problem
Roadblock #1: Disparate Data

Delayed access, or the disability or receiving information after the moment when it is needed, is caused by disparate data. It takes a lot of time and resources to piece together the data and make it into a readable format, causing deadlines to be missed and decisions to be made based on faulty information.

Off-the-wall Decisions
Roadblock #2: Delayed Access

Delayed information also causes limited visibility, when a limited amount of people has access to all the information needed to bring success. If few people can see the big picture, the majority of the company is working blind, which is a detrimental roadblock that leads to reactive management.

Piecing Together the Puzzle
Roadblock #3: Limited Visibility

Reactive Management hinders performance because it is the lack of planning ahead due to a deficiency of information. Instead of being proactive and ready for what could come, they are found reacting to things that have already happened, forcing hours of backtracking and repairing that a company can’t afford.

How Enjoying the View can Hurt You
Roadblock #4: Reactive Management.

All of these lead to detached agents, employees who are uninvolved in the success of the company. When management is only reacting, employees can hardly see their own contribution to the success of the company. They are not involved and therefore have a low performance level, which causes loads of other problems that could easily be avoided.

Agents in Control
Roadblock #5: Detached Agents

These five obstructions, though seemingly small and insignificant, can create a huge barrier to success. They all are connected. Just as the presence of one roadblock leads to the existence of all of them, providing a liberator to one can cascade to all the rest. The solution is easy. Find your liberators, aggregate your data, make it real-time access that can be visible to the entire enterprise. Use actionable analytics and engage your agents. Fix one, fix them all and discover high performance levels that lead your company to success.