Call Center Attrition

5 Ways Cloud-Based Computing Saves Time and Money

Dec 12 2017

A lot of people hear the words “cloud computing” and think the process is more difficult than it actually is to have your data backed up in the cloud. However, many people are opting not only to have cloud-based back up but entire cloud-based systems that they run their centers off of. This can save time, resources, and bring a lot of peace of mind to the entire process of where we save and keep our information. Here are five ways that... more

5 Campaign Ending Errors in Outsourcing

Dec 8 2017

Outsourcing is an integral process in the global economy that can enrich the growth and services of a company greatly. Outsourcing offers so many benefits that companies sometimes find themselves jumping into the process with little to no education. These errors can be potentially fatal to a call center campaign and end up putting the company who is set on outsourcing out when it comes to their product, time and money. In this blog, we will... more

Combating Employee Attrition in the Modern Call Center Work Environment

May 19 2017

The modern call center campaign is faced with many challenges that can make the prospect of starting a new campaign daunting. One aspect that is especially difficult to deal with, is the sometimes uncontrollable aspect of employee attrition. Employee attrition is defined as losing staff unexpectedly and having to replace that staff to resume normal productivity for that campaign. Attrition is one of those aspects... more

Chances Are: Your Attrition Rate are Affected by Lack of Agent Visibility

Nov 15 2013

15 / Nov / 2013By Jordan Linford

It has been our experience that most companies do not give their agents adequate visibility to their performance.

Many express the complications and frustrations that arise from limited agent communication and that agent attrition rate has an enormous impact on their bottom line.

When agents have one expectation... more

Are You Losing Business to Poor Training and Development?

Sep 12 2012

12 / Sept / 2012

by Robin Villariza

In the past, management did not understand that there is a connection between human potential and a company's profit. In a call center it is essential to increase the effectiveness of the selection, recruitment, training and development processes by providing a new business paradigm and tools that increase... more