Call Center Data

Measuring Success: Call Center Metrics

Jun 11 2015

There are many things that can be measured to track the success of a call center, but some things are more valuable than others. Here is a list of important call center metrics that you should evaluate in your company to improve not only efficiency, but also quality and outcomes.Measuring quality scores will allow you to be able to track your agents’ progress and sample their work. They provide a look at the overall satisfaction of the... more

You Can’t Clean the Soup! An insight to Call Center Data

Apr 14 2013

14 / Apr / 2013

By Paul Liljenquist

On a recent humanitarian trip to Ghana, Africa, I was introduced to fufu. Fufu is a staple food of Ghana. It is made by boiling cassava and plantains and then pounding them into a dough-like consistency. Fufu is eaten by pinching some of the fufu off in one's fingers... more