Call Center Outsourcing

Managing Millennials in 2013

Feb 22 2013

22 / Feb / 2013

By Jordan Linford

Anyone who runs a call center is probably managing several millennials falling in the 18 to 25-year-old range. At Focus Services, over 70% of our call floors are dominated with millennials. Call floors already face the challenge of a high turnover ratios, but as the... more

What Is Edge Rank and How Does It Affect Your Brand?

Nov 8 2012

08 / Nov / 2012

By Jordan Linford

Facebook is a part of life, that is just something we have to accept whether we like it or not. You can hardly turn on a the TV, read a magazine, or visit a website without seeing a business asking for you to like their page. Maybe you have asked yourself why they care so much? Should I be caring more about... more

East vs. West Management Styles: Why Knowing Will Help You Succeed.

Sep 14 2012

14 / Sept / 2012

by Robin Villariza

Is there a difference in orientations of eastern and western managers?¬ Results show Asian managers are more collectivist and western managers are more individualistic. Asian managers are also more likely to use external factors¬ to explain performance and behavior where western managers are more likely... more