Roadblocks to Performance Management

Agents in Control

Feb 9 2015

Roadblock #5: Detached Agents

A giant roadblock to success can be the attitude of a detached agent. If an agent is not involved, performance level is low. When performance level is low, customers suffer. And when customers suffer, the company deteriorates. So how do you engage your agent? Let them control their realm.

The average agent... more

How Enjoying the View can Hurt You

Feb 2 2015

Roadblock #4: Reactive Management.

Is your management proactive or reactive? When an unanticipated twist comes your way, are you ready for it? Or will it catch you off guard? Where are you looking? Many companies don’t have a plan, they aren’t looking ahead and consequently they find themselves behind when the world takes a turn. In contrast, the proactive companies have been prepared. They are looking ahead... more

Piecing Together the Puzzle

Jan 26 2015

Roadblock #3: Limited Visibility

When piecing together a puzzle, it’s necessary to have all the right parts, or the puzzle won’t actually work. Along with that, if multiple people are piecing it together, hours of work can be shortened significantly because each person has an idea of the big picture and can make a solid effort to do his or her part. It’s the same in a company. If the visibility is limited... more

Off-the-wall Decisions

Jan 19 2015

Roadblock #2: Delayed Access Have you ever made a decision with incomplete information and then realized later, perhaps when you received the whole picture, that your decision was completely off the wall? It happens everyday. When making an important decision it’s critical to have all the applicable information obtainable. If there are holes in the data, errors are inevitably made. If the data is old, the decision is overdue and the curve is... more

Missing the Problem

Jan 12 2015

Roadblock #1: Disparate Data

What is the problem with disparate data? Imagine this. You feel a sharp pain in your arm and you go to the hospital, but the only thing the doctor can tell you is that your arm is broken. He cannot say where, what you need, how to fix it nor if there’s any other problems. Obviously you can’t make it better until you have access to all the information. That’s what happens with... more

Roadblocks to Performance Management

Jan 5 2015

What Hidden Roadblocks are Preventing Your Success?

Everyday we go to work with the objective of helping our company improve. Each day is shaped by the goal of success. As we know, high performance of employees is what makes this goal a reality. If there is low performance, improvement is scarce. Listed below are five roadblocks that impede the road to success by hindering high performance.