The 5 Roadblocks to Call Center Success Webinar

What Hidden Roadblocks are Preventing Your Success?

Everyday we go to work with the objective of helping our company improve. Each day is shaped by the goal of success. As we know, high performance of employees is what makes this goal a reality. If there is low performance, improvement is scarce.

This Webinar will cover the five roadblocks that impede the road to success by hindering high performance and what we can do about them.

When: 8/13/15 11am MST/1Pm EST

Presenter: Paul Liljenquist

About the Presenter:
paul-liljinquistPaul is the current president of ClearView. He has extensive knowledge and experience in performance management and call center success. He has lead ClearView in becoming one of the fastest growing performance management software solutions in the industry. Paul has lead the charge to automate, optimize and amplify call center success.



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