The Formula to Change Agent’s Behavior.

29 / Jan / 2014

By Jordan Linford

We can look at metrics until we are blue in the face. We can use every measurement tool out there to get in-depth insight, but if it isn’t driving change in the behavior our agents then it is all for naught. It is just expensive data! So you may be asking, how do you change agent’s behavior and what does ClearView know about it? We know because we have done it! ClearView was created on the call room floor and we have seen it be successful time and time again in empowering and changing agent behavior and creating a more profitable call center. Below are the 4 points every business needs in order to change behavior and drive performance.

1. Create and Focus on the Core Goals!

  • Focus on only the very most important goals that will make a difference, don’t overload your agents with too many, 1 or 2 is plenty. These may include things like increasing revenue or expansion.
  • Allow the goal setting to be a team effort with guidance from management
  • Each goal must be time bound and measurable.

2. Focus on the ancillary goals that will help you achieve your core goals.

  • Keep the ancillary goals simple and fundamental. Some good ancillary goals could be lowering AHT or increasing first call resolution.
  • Create a score card, Keep it updated and visible to all showing both Core goals and ancillary Goals and how they are effecting each other.
  • Make sure the team can tell quickly if they are achieving their goals or not

3. Keep them accountable

  • Encourage reaching their goals by celebrating accomplishments and through gamification
  • Show respect for your agents and their ability
  • Review their progress and provide training in areas where they can improve

ClearView is the tool that will help your call center achieve these 4 principles. We understand the agent better than anyone and we know how to make them successful, it is the reason we built ClearView. Let us show you how you can improve your bottom line. Call us for a Demo!