The Training Cure

14 / Mar / 2013

By Jordan Linford

trainingTraining is an essential part of a call room floor, we all know that by now. No matter how much we try to create a homeostatic environment, a new training hurdle always seems to present itself.  Having been a part of countless failures in call room training procedure, I feel like this is one area our floor has finally gotten down to a science. Are you ready for one of my fun modern day call floor parables? Too bad, you are getting one anyway.

I bought this sweet little monster of a dog for my wife for our first Valentines together. He was not monstrous in stature, he was just a little shih tzu (how cute am I, right?) but that little guy was a terror to train. Just when we thought we had overcome a training hurdle we would run into another one. We would both come home at the end of the day and find a chewed something or other or an accident. We would get mad and verbally scold him, we would put him in his kennel in hopes he would learn his lesson, but as soon as the punishment was over, he was back out doing the same things. Why wasn’t he learning! We were very frustrated.

One day we were watching the “Dog Whisperer”, César Milan finally explained something that made perfect sense. Trying to retroactively train a dog for something he did in the past is useless. Too much time has passed for both you and the dog to really have an understanding of what happened and how to fix it. The training needs to happen in the moment to be effective. Humans beings are the same way!

I don’t think I have brought up anything you don’t already know and haven’t beaten yourself over the head trying to fix. It is a tough thing to train in the moment. We have tried to remedy this problem by reviewing recordings of agents calls with them. This is the best approach many of us can effectively implement and is still a necessary part of the training process, especially on an individual basis. I realize we are not dogs here, we are dealing with intelligent agents and the lifeblood of our business, but the principle is the same. When we show them the recording it is a little bit like pointing to the mess on the ground the dog did hours ago and say, “stop doing that!” They are now out of the moment, so are you and let’s face it, it is just not going to be as effective.

Our remedy was to set certain benchmarks in our metrics and to note specific trends of each agent. We do this using our ClearView software. The moment they fall below a certain standard, our system is notified and a training is assigned to them to address the issue. You still have the option of training them now or later, but either way the agent is notified that they need training in that area. They now know what they did wrong when they did it, and we were not limited to a set of human ears.

I understand we don’t all have ClearView, we could, but we don’t. So while you are coming to your senses and getting ready to get ClearView, try using the current metrics you have now. Set a few standards that must be met in every metric. When an agent drops below those metric standards, send them a quick message that you want to train them on that aspect. It may be a tap on the shoulder, and email, or a phone call to their cubicle, but let them know now rather than later. It is much more effective and they will appreciate the correction in the end.
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