Three Tips To Improve Attrition Rates in 2014.

14 / Jan / 2014

By Josie Foster

Sometimes the obvious answer to a problem or issue isn’t always the correct resolution. Some years ago I had a conversation with some employees from our call floors during a focus group to improve our attrition rates, I discovered a few insights into why, as a company, we were struggling with attrition. I suppose that as I began the conversation I expected to hear the obvious and textbook answers as to why employees were not satisfied with their current employment. I assumed that pay grade, quality training, and scheduling would be brought up in conversation. I was surprised to learn that although those are prominent issues that need to be resolved, there were three other reasons affecting employee attrition that can easily be remedied, and ones that should be focused on in 2014. In compiling my notes, I discovered those three issues to be; employee engagement, gamification, and visibility.

Employee Engagement
Employees for the most part felt no emotional connection to the company, or their co-workers. In order to improve employee engagement, managers and coaches need to recognize that
employees need social interaction and a rewarding work environment. They need respect and recognition, as well as a challenging position with room to learn and move up. We started a few programs that you might be interested in implementing on your call floor.

Tuition reimbursement program. We have found that when we invest in our employee’s education we not only get better agents, but we find these agents sticking with us throughout their entire schooling and often stay with us after and move up to higher management positions. While it may seem like just another cost, in the long run it has actually saved us huge amounts of money and reduced attrition rates by leaps and bounds.

Lunch with the President of the Company. This has been a great program where the best performing agents have lunch with the President of the company. This does two things:

  1. It helps the agent know that we value them on every level of the company.
  2. They get free lunch.

When the word “gamification” is mentioned, usually what comes to mind are the cheesy, unrewarding games played by coaches simply because they’re supposed to. Managers often overlook how important a positive work environment is for staffers, and how far meaningful recognition and praise from managers can go to achieve that. Awards, recognition and praise might just be the single most cost-effective way to maintain a happy, productive work force. Here are few tips to improve your gamification.

Have small rewards. They don’t all have to big. Some can be just daily or weekly prizes for a free lunch or movie tickets. Let more than one agent have a chance to win something in different categories. This way the same people are not always winning. Some of the ones we have done are: most positive reviews, lowest AHT, and going the extra mile, just to name a few.

Have a monthly big reward. Put the award where they agents can see it daily. Let them vote on what they would like it to be. Even the agents not in the running are motivated by it knowing that the company cares a enough about a job well done to give away an iPod or tickets to the big game.

Team Rewards. We simply did a two hour catered lunch for the team with the highest Net Promoter Score. They loved it. It created healthy competition and a sense of camaraderie. Our numbers shot through the roof with this competition.

By visibility, the employees in our focus group mentioned that having access to real-time stats and up-to-date technology, they felt as though they were making a visible contribution to the company they could see clearly and consistently. By having real-time stats and access to how they were performing at any given moment, employees felt a connection with the current direction of the company as a whole. This is why Focus Services created the ClearView performance dashboards. By delivering real-time performance dashboards from the executive level down to the agent level, ClearView increases accountability and creates a culture of continuous development essential to reaching business objectives. This is the area that has been the biggest contributor to ouramazingly low attrition rates. If your agents don’t have visibility, how will you are they ever measure real progress?

It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the expectation of different results. In order to improve our attrition rates this year, perhaps we need to dig more deeply and focus our attention on the less obvious answers, such as employee engagement, gamification, and visibility. For more information about ClearView’s performance dashboards and to learn about our revolutionary workforce management solutions, click here and schedule a demo.