Top 5 Reasons Companies Choose Outsourcing

17 / Dec / 2012

By Jordan Linford


Lower costs
You might have assumed this was the leading reason and you would have been right. Cost decrease is ultimately the number one factor in the decision for companies to outsource. A vast majority of companies currently outsourcing states that decreasing expenses is their principle goal. According to researchers at the Gartner Group, 80% of companies cite reducing costs as their primary reason for call center outsourcing.

The Duke University study of the Fortune 500 companies found that 63% saved greater than 30% annually. In fact, 14% reported savings greater than 50 percent. This finding matched company expectations. This is also the primary motivation of many of our current clients at Focus Services.

Up-sell/cross-sell opportunities
Cold calling and blind telemarketing are becoming obsolete. Inbound calls are an effective and incredibly powerful tactic to increase profits. Businesses miss huge potential earnings by not up-selling and cross-selling during inbound conversations. Call center outsourcing to an experienced organization increases your profitability as a result of up-selling and cross-selling.
Let’s take, for instance, this example: you call in to your internet company to change your wireless speed. After your request has been successfully fulfilled and you are pleased and satisfied, they offer you a simple option for a home telephone. You as the customer are pleased already, you now have a connection with the customer service rep, and this is the point when you are most likely to purchase additional services. This is just one example of something we do everyday at Focus Services. Century Link is one of our clients who we are able to successfully up sell and cross sell to their users to maximize their benefit of using a company’s services like Century Link.

Customer retention is a frequently neglected but absolutely necessary piece of you company’s profitability. With the absence of a solid and innovative retention team, you might as well be referring customers to your competitor. Customers all ready have your products or services, why let them go some place else? Quality customer support services can turn an unsatisfied customer into a satisfied brand new customer for a second time.

Scaleability is an enormous benefit when considering outsourcing components of your company. Business owners recognize that things can’t all happen at once, they take time. Building an office takes hard work, hiring new personnel takes effort, and scaling up and down takes significant planning and flexibility. Smart business owners recognize that particularly in today’s fast moving environment, time is money. Scaling up or down becomes uncomplicated when you partner with a proven call center outsourcing company with a foundation of talented personnel around the globe. An influx of customer service needs often occur during a holiday (Christmas, Mother’s Day) and marketing promotions can spike demand for a short time frame to uncharacteristically high levels. Are you planning to build up a significant amount of more infrastructure back home, or would you prefer pay a low hourly rate a couple of times a year to increase your call handling ability? How about after hours or weekends? Quite often business owners are left trying to make the hard decision of whether it is fiscally advantageous to staff after-hours and weekends; outsourcing is often the perfect solution.

Many companies want to maintain a section of their in-house infrastructure and outsource different components of their business. This could be because the company successfully facilitates an internal call center but would like to supplement or expand their program through call center outsourcing. Diversifying call center operations can be an excellent way for a company to preserve quality values will expanding in a cost-effective manner.
Are you in need of outsourcing? Could outsourcing be just the X-factor that you need to push you business to the next level? Outsourcing your call floor could be the answer to saving money, expanding your business, and increasing your bottom line.
If you have questions about the process feel free to contact us for a free evaluation of your outsourcing needs.