Transitioning to the New Year

As December approaches, we find ourselves looking back and wondering how time passed us by so quickly. Many times we begin to evaluate our past year and how we can improve in the year to come. Below are 5 tips every business should follow when evaluating the past year, and planning for progress in the year to come:

  • Make growth possible

    Be sure to put your business in a position to grow. This includes but is not limited to, double checking the finances (to assure room for growth and to check for mistakes), assure that the company has the right personnel moving forward (so that growth can be sustained), and last but not least evaluate which areas are primed and ready for development.
  • Get Everyone on the Same Page

    At the end of the year it is important to get all employees on the same page. Whether this happens through staff meetings or personal performance reviews, it is wise to make sure everyone is up to speed on any recent changes in policy or procedure, and to inform them of where the company is trying to go in the year to come, and how their effort is needed to do so.
  • Search for areas to save in the coming year

    Another important year end evaluation is savings. It is important to ask a few questions. Where can your company save more money? Are there opportunities to save more by simply paying some expenses up front instead of month to month? Do some departments need re-structuring to place employees in proper roles to get more bang for your buck? While some of these questions are difficult to assess during the holidays, it is vital to the success and growth of the company to evaluate savings. Why not hit the ground running in 2016?
  • Set Goals

    During the entire evaluation process it is important to set goals. The topics above should all be associated with goals. Set a goal when evaluating growth possibilities. When meeting with your employees at the end of the year, find out what they think could be improved and set goals, both individually as employees and as a company. Setting goals helps your employees and the company to have a clear vision of what is to be accomplished in the coming year.
  • Give Back

    Last but certainly not least, take the opportunity to give back to the community. It doesn’t have to be an expensive extravagant process. Do what you can as a company to make a difference. Whether you believe in karma or not, giving back to the community is always good for business. It helps the community see that you care. Giving back will create a sense of pride for employees in the fact that they work for a caring organization.

While these may not be all of the areas you need to evaluate, make sure and give these five topics an extra look this holiday season. Evaluating the past year and looking ahead to 2016 can be an energizing and exciting task when done properly. Plus, evaluating early will give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the holidays.