Why Training Should be Called Culture Building

Training is obviously the most important step for any newly hired employee. Training can set the whole stage for how productive and efficient an employee will be from day one. Company culture is established through actions and it is important for a new employee to see a positive example of company culture on day one. Many times we believe the initial formal training is where the majority of training takes place but this is not true.

Formal training is where the culture desperately needs to be instilled in the employee. Only about one tenth of the employees overall training will take place in the formal training setting. During the formal training setting all new employees should understand the company’s culture and how they will play a vital part in sustaining and upholding that culture personally.
A larger part of training will come from direct supervisors or from those in a leadership role. For this reason it is very important to make sure that all the employees placed in leadership positions have a solid understanding of policies and procedures. It is also very important to have leadership that will be living examples of your company’s culture. This will help newer employees to continue embracing the company culture.

image2993The largest part of training will come from informal sources. In the contact center space, many times our employees have access to large online databases where they can go to receive answers to their questions. The largest part of training happens through reading and practice within the call center. One of the biggest challenges faced when training through databases is discovering a way to instill culture through written directions. Find a way to help your employee see why rules, regulations, policies, and procedures are in accordance with the company’s culture. When employees realize that everything they do is contributing to a positive company culture, they will buy in.